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Shaking the Foundation

Ed Cardinal always knew he was meant to help people, but he never imagined one of the ways he would do so would be through a talk radio show.

But that, he said when we spoke recently, is one of the things about life.  You put out an intention, and the “how” is never what you think it will be.  That’s where intuition – and our awareness of it and willingness to trust it – come in.

Ed spent twelve years as a substance abuse counselor, and his intuition led him from the conventional approach to healing to a holistic approach to health and wellness.  In 2004, he made a trip to Thailand to learn Thai massage.  He may not have imagined how fully that trip would change his life, but he wasn’t surprised as he watched a new path unfold before him.  He founded SOL Integrative Wellness and began putting his various skills and licenses to work in harmony, assisting others in his capacity as a Physical Therapist, Yoga teacher, and Integrative Therapeutic Bodyworker.  (And yeah – if you don’t know what that is, I know you want to.)

Ultimately, Ed realized there were only so many people he could reach on a one-to-one basis.  When he and a friend in radio began discussing his desire to share messages of hope and healing on a larger scale, Cardinal Points: Talk Radio With Heart & Soul was born.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

Consider this statement from the Cardinal Points web site:

“It is time that we take back our personal power and fulfill our life’s purpose. Every person on earth has the right to vibrant and dynamic health, deep meaningful relationships, and abundant wealth. Our vision is to bring our listeners the knowledge that will initiate this change. We will shake the foundation of conventional thinking and you will learn how to create the life you dream about. Remember your truth is within you. Now it’s up to you to seek it and live it.”

This is a message I believe in, something I have found to be true in my own life.  It is a truth ignored at our own peril.  Through his conversations with a wide variety of people, Ed Cardinal illustrates this vision.  He’s spoken with such varied personalities as professional image and etiquette expert Juanita Ecker, Yoga master Aadil Palkhivala, energy coach and healer Julianna Ricci, and the husband and wife fitness instruction team of Ryan and Danielle Bate.

Perhaps most touching, though, is Ed’s interview with his own wife, Jude Monteserrato.  Jude suffered the tragic loss of her first husband on September 11, 2001, and she found healing and rebirth through Yoga.  She has since gone on to earn her 2,000 hour certification as a Purna Yoga instructor, helping others (myself gratefully included) find strength, peace and joy.  To hear her speak with Ed through her tears is wrenching – and ultimately beautiful.

Jude discusses the hard-earned realization she came to, saying, “No matter what is going on in a person’s life…there is a purpose for everything in our lives.  And I couldn’t say that thirteen years ago.”

Fittingly, it was on that 2004 trip to Thailand that Ed and Jude met.  And as each installment of Cardinal Points demonstrates, the journey really is the destination.