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Julianna Ricci, Energy, Guided Meditation and Fear, April 1, 2014

Julianna Ricci, Energy Coach and Healer, shares how her career began as a Marine Scientist and how it evolved into what it is today. In a nut shell, she says “it is my gift, and my bliss, to guide people, as they become the best of themselves.” She also explains her practice of the ancient Japanese healing energy technique Reiki. We discuss the effects of stress on our bodies. Julianna then talks us through a guided meditation, a practice that allows us to enter into a state of relaxation and inner stillness and a way to manage stress. Our discussion turns to the concept of fear and two books that discuss it, Smile at Fear, Awakening the True Heart of Bravery by Chogyam Trungpa and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Fears can be passed down through physical and social (beliefs) heredity. “You shouldn’t try to cast fear out. Instead use it as kindling to build a big fire of fearlessness.” We agree if you are not experiencing fear you are not growing. The key is to jump into the fear and do it anyway. Even though it is scary you’ll be glad you did.


Julianna Ricci

Julianna Ricci is an Energy Coach and Healer who works with avant-garde leaders, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other passionate, driven people who are changing the world. Julianna began her career quite far from where she is now. She earned her Masters of Science in Australia, studying marine science on the Great Barrier Reef. She then worked for the Federal Government in Washington DC and Rhode Island for many years Now as an Energy Coach she combines coaching and guided meditation. Ina nut shell, she says “it is my gift, and my bliss to guide people, as they become the best of themselves.”

Website: http://www.jriccienergy.com