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Joann Lysiak, Nourish Your Mind and Body, May 6, 2014

Please join us as we learn great lessons from Joann Lysiak, founder of Nourish Your Mind and Body. She shares how her childhood impacted the many choices she has made as an adult. Joann’s Polish grandmother was particularly influential, “she lived a natural health lifestyle”. Joann began her professional career in corporate America but see learned that the stress from this career path was detrimental to her health. She has learned to listen to her intuition regarding her health and all aspects of her life. Her intuition led her to designing and creating high vibration jewelry and transitioned into guiding others to live healthier, happier lives. Joann experienced ¬†some personal health issues and chose non traditional practices to heal herself. She shares the various toxins we’re all exposed to every day and the methods in which we can detoxify your bodies. Joann then discusses some healthy diet tips like eating organic whole natural foods, whole food supplementation, drinking plenty of pure clean water and keeping the body in a alkaline state. Let’s not forget how our thoughts and emotions can impact our health, “thoughts are things”. According to Joann “the emotions get locked in and plays havoc on our bodies” and the “subconscious runs the show”. She then reminds us that we all need to take 100% responsibility for our own health.


Joann Lysiak

Joann Lysiak, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, and founder of Nourish Your Mind and Body, takes a holistic approach to living a healthy, happy, and empowered lifestyle by combining nutrition, energy healing, applied kinesiology and coaching. Her career path started in Corporate America as a trainer and speaker. She then shifted gears and became a jewelry designer and ultimately now to a healthy lifestyle coach. She states “I am living my life passion in helping others live an amazing life. I love teaching people how to nourish their mind and body, how to listen and talk to their body and how they can take 100% responsibility for there wellness and well being. Joann is a certified nutritionist, Quantum Reflex Analysis(QRA) Practitioner trained by Dr. Bob Marshal, Master Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique Practitioner, certified master Lifestyle Coach and designer of high vibration jewelry.

Website: www.nourishyourmindandbody.com