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Ed Foreman, Life Is Terrific, August 19, 2014

Life is for laughing, loving and living it’s not for whining, worrying and working.”

Cardinal Points welcomes the beloved Ed Foreman to our show. He begins the program in true Ed Foreman fashion, with a comical story. Ed states “when you help others you’re really helping yourself.” He credits his loving mother and disciplined father for positively influencing his life. ‘My Mother taught me to be kind to people and to love others and my Daddy taught me to work hard.” Ed lives by example and lives life to the fullest. He can be seen traveling around the country with his partner Earlene Vining on their three wheeled motorcycles. At 80 years old Ed “goes to bed with more energy than a lot of people get up with.” Ed then states that a happy, positive attitude creates a happy, positive life. “What you send out is what you get back.” Life is an echo. What you think about is attracted to you. We can improve our thinking by this simple formula: 1) get up early, 2) read or listen to something positive or uplifting, 3) exercise and walk, 4) think and pray. Ed then reports that “if we put a spring in our step and a smile on our face you automatically improve the energy that goes into your mind.” “If you look like a winner, dress like a winner and act like a winner you’ll feel like a winner and you’ll be treated like a winner.” Positive self talk is also crucial. Ed then shares the second most important lesson he ever learned, “worry is nothing more or less than the misuse of your imagination. Worry is thinking about what you don’t want to happen in the future or dwelling on an undesirable past event.” Ed emphasizes that “thoughts are the single most important thing that there is.” They effect our cells, physiology and ultimately our health. He then gives us some great ideas how to greet people in a positive way. “You have to become a leader in positivity.” Ed then explains Mind Control Relaxation (MCR) and it’s benefits. It’s important when trying to achieve your goals to first identify what you want, write your them down, read them three times a day, then think about them as much as possible. “You have to be careful about who you share your goals with.” Share them with people who are going to support you and who have been where you. As Ed says,“The tragedy of life is not that it ends too soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.” So go out and create the life you dream about. You can do it!


Ed Foreman

ED FOREMAN…from a farm boy to a self-made millionaire by the age of 26 and a former United States Congressman from two different states, Texas and New Mexico.
Ed is not a “reporter”… he lives his message of health, wealth and happiness that is helping people all around the world get more meaningful living out of life, reduce their levels of stress and anxiety, turn worry into success and have more fun! A dynamic business entrepreneur and active civic leader, Ed has developed numerous programs and products and persuasively “sells” the success formula he lives by.
Ed Foreman holds the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE), the highest honor bestowed by the National Speakers Association, held by fewer than 100 people worldwide and is one of only eight people to receive the Distinguished Faculty Award of the Institute For Management Studies. He received a standing ovation in 2008 as he was honored with a “Legends of the Speaking Profession” Lifetime Achievement Award.
Ed has been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles, including “Portrait of Ed Foreman” in Dallas Magazine, and, more recently, “Isn’t Life Terrific?” in the July 2009 issue of Success Magazine.
Born on a farm in New Mexico, he is a civil engineering graduate of New Mexico State University, a motorcycle, sports car, and hot air balloon enthusiast, an outdoor adventurer, and an international traveler. Named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men In America by the U. S. Jaycees in 1964, Ed Foreman has been a leader in executive development programs since 1960. He is a board member, officer, or major stockholder of a dozen successful corporations. He is co-founder, with Earlene Vining, and President of Executive Development Systems of Dallas, Texas.
Ed Foreman travels 200,000 miles a year with partner Earlene Vining, sharing his renowned message of “Successful Daily Living” with corporate executives around the world. Few speakers, if any, are better qualified to motivate, inspire and educate by their own example than Ed Foreman!

Website: www.edforeman.com