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Phil Young, Hawaiian Huna, August 26, 2014

A person who can see with his heart and eyes can also reach out and touch the spirit of another human being and reveal the good that lies within them.

Cardinal points welcomes Phil Young, International facilitator, author and energy healer. Phil shares how in 1984, after a past life regression, he formed a connection to a ancient Hawaiian Kahuna, Kiri, from 600 AD. “It was as if I became somebody else.” This intense experience continued for about six months. During this time Phil came to know that the soul of his clients could be reached through touch. This story can be read in a book written by Phil’s partner Morag called The Promise Kept. Phil then describes the Hawaiian culture. He translates the meaning of the spirit of Aloha,” the life breath in me greets the life breath in you.” It’s important in the Hawaiian culture to take time to be with people, particularly family. They had a ease and freedom of being in their bodies. Phil then explains the many meanings of Huna, “It can mean meditation and also something that is secret or hidden, very small, something difficult to grasp.” In the last 80 years it has come to mean something about the Hawaiian nature of the perception of reality. “The nature of the body, the soul, the spirit, energy, healing, life, relationships.” “Huna is what you learn at your grandmothers knee or at the feet of a master teacher, being an apprentice.” Huna is a way of life, it’s a way of being, it’s a way of understanding the world. Phil discusses that when visiting the Hawaiian Islands that you enter almost a meditative state, where the mind is much quieter. He then educates us about the Hawaiians view of the body, mind and soul. They were not dominated by the mind like we are in our culture. “The mind is not the master.” They have a much easier time being in their bodies and thus an easier connection to their souls. “I am my body.” Phil then describes the concept of soul body gateways,”they’re like the veils between two worlds.” In his international travels Phil is noticing that people are beginning to realize they need more balance and harmony in their lives. “The Hawaiian’s would say;  health comes from balance.” A balance between the mind, body and soul. ” Phil then  states that “love is the essence of the soul or soul consciousness. ”

Love brings light to the darkest recesses of your being and without light there is no possibility of perceiving the oneness of all things.


Phil Young

Phil Young is an International facilitator and author who currently lives and works in Southern Ireland. For 30 years he has run a healing practice and trained many people in the art of energy healing drawing on sources from the Western mystery schools, Indian and Chinese philosophies of healing and ancient Hawaiian sources. Through a series of profound spontaneous spiritual events that altered the course of his life he has experienced firsthand the power of the connection to soul consciousness and has developed a way of establishing this connection through touch.

Website:  www.masterworksinternational.com