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David Key, Sound Healing, April 14, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome David Key, Therapeutic Sound Artist, to our show. David’s first connection to music took place when he began playing the clarinet at 10 years old. “Making sound is such an important part of who I am.” On some level at an early age David was aware of the therapeutic aspects of sound. Later he found that the sound and spiritual piece “intertwine.” David discusses his use of natural sounds in many of his recordings. David finds he has a connection to earth based spirituality. He feels we all have a deep connection to nature and that we as a culture are craving that reconnection. David informs us that the ear is the first organ to develop in utero thus we were hearing before we were born. “In the womb we are responding to vibration. We are responding to sound.” Researchers are finding that sound creates physiological changes in the brain. Certain sound can slow down the activity of the brain and bring us into an alpha state. Drumming at a certain steady rhythmic beat causes the brain to align itself with that pattern. This is called entrainment. Practices such as Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong can also reproduce this effect on the brain. We then discuss the importance of silence. “Silence is not the absence of sound. Silence is the absence of noise.” David suggests we need to trust ourselves enough to be able to sit in silence so we can come back to ourselves, going in to know who we are. He also explains that there is stillness in movement if we are intently focused on what we are doing. David believes that intention and intuition play a key role in the therapeutic sound he creates. For David feels intuition is “a heart based thing, it is a feeling based thing. Actually it’s a gut based thing.” According to David sound can be a safe vehicle for men to connect with their hearts. Sound and music can transport us into other times, places and dimensions. David then plays two different flutes and quizzes the listeners to guess which one was made from wood or made from ceramic. David has created some of his own rattles and drums. “It was a very powerful process to create that instrument.” David finds that his work with Hospice patients is “some of the most powerful stuff that I have ever done.” “I always felt like I received more than I gave in that setting.” David has also received many gifts playing for sea turtles at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital. David explains that “as a wind instrument player I know that breath is hugely important to that music making process.”


Today’s Cardinal Point: Many say that life entered the human body by the help of music, but the truth is that life itself is music. ~Hafiz

David Key

David Key, Musician., and Therapeutic Sound Artist, has spent the last 30 years exploring world music, wooden flutes, sound and healing, meditation, and Native American spirituality. The music he creates combines original vocal chants, drumming heartbeats,wooden flute melodies, field recordings of wind, rain, peeper frogs, and ocean waves, and any sounds that feel like they fit, no matter how unusual. His music often comes from a place of meditation, or is improvised in therapeutic sound sessions or in the studio, allowing the creative process to direct the outcome. His therapeutic sounds have helped those in hospice as he has played bedside for those who are dying. He has played for sea turtles at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, and improvised therapeutic sounds for yoga classes. David regularly co-facilitates the sound of chi creating sound to accompany a gentle but powerful healing qigong practice.
CDs of David’s original music include “Whale Watch”, “Earth Medicine”, “Turtle Moon”, “The Four Directions”, and the soon-to-be-released “Turtle Journey.” His music can be streamed and downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, and other online sites around the world. In performances, therapeutic sound sessions, recordings, and workshops, David uses positive intention, focused breath, and musical artistry to create healing vibrations.

Website: http://davidkeymusic.com