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Dean Braxton, In Heaven, December 30, 2014

Cardinal Points welcomes Pastor Dean Braxton to our show. Dean discusses how during a routine procedure to remove a kidney stone on May 4, 2006 his body became septic (blood infection) and his organs began to gradually shut down. He  was clinically dead for 1 hour and 45 minutes. During that time he made a journey to heaven. “I thought I was going to be afraid and fearful” yet “I had this joy and peace that came over me and I had this assurance where I was getting ready to go was greater than I can even imagine.” Dean remembers leaving his body extremely fast. “There was this one area that was totally dark except for the light.” He describes it as a window he was heading for. Dean witnessed lights passing him by that he described as looking like shooting stars. He realized these were prayers for him and others. “I felt like I was in my own river of prayers.” When Dean finally passed through the window of light “everything was right there was nothing wrong.” Dean states that it’s sometimes hard to describe his experience because I’m trying to describe “eternity in temporal time frame and there’s no time there.” “The light there was so pure” and the colors so vivid. “Everything living creature there was glad I was there.”Most communication there was thought to thought, telepathically. When Dean met Jesus in heaven “the first look he gave me was this one, he looked at me like I had never, ever, ever, ever sinned or disobeyed him.” “He was more beautiful than you can ever imagine and I was right with him.” Dean claims that there is no sense of time in heaven and that nothing is getting old or deteriorating. Our discussion then turns to the importance of family. Dean’s family members were in heaven waiting to welcome him there. Family members he knew and even those he never met from past generations. In heaven “we get to experience family to the purest of what we were created to experience them.” “Family is important to God.” Dean reminds us of the power of prayer which was instrumental in his physical healing. Dean believes one of his purposes on this earth is to share his experience about heaven. “It gives people hope and comfort.”


Today’s Cardinal Point: Even when you think you are sitting alone, your ancestors are sitting with you. Your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, whether you knew them or not, are there inside of you…in every cell of your body, your ancestors are there…you are not an isolated being. You are made of ancestors…there is not separate self. We are a current. We are a stream. We are a continuation.~Thich Nhat Hanh

Dean Braxton

For 35 years Dean has worked in churches as a senior and assistant Pastor. He has delivered teachings and sermons to as many as 3,000 people and has been on Christian TV and Radio shows sharing Christian principles and how they apply to everyday life.
Dean has also worked in the Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Systems including the Chemical Dependency profession. Dean is retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve after 20 years of services.

On Thursday, May 4th, 2006 Dean Braxton went to the Hospital for a routine kidney stone procedure. This procedure sent major infection throughout Dean’s body. In rapid order his major organs began to shut down and stopped working. Doctors rushed to give him CPR, got him on a breathing machine, and took measures to try to get him back to life. For an hour and 45 minutes, Dean’s body totally shut down. During this time Dean describes going to heaven and meeting Jesus. Dean came back to life and after 13 days in the hospital returned home. After several months Dean regained his health, but with spiritual changes that would last forever.

Website: http://www.deanbraxton.com