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Donald “Spiderman” Thomas, The Philosophy of Divine Nutrition, January 20, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome Donald “Spiderman” Thomas, author, public speaker and 3 time Guinness Book of World record holder to our show. Donald relays a story that occurred when he was 4 years old that made him realize, with the explanation from his Mother, the reality of the world he was living in as a African American. “I would have to be three time as good to walk through some of the same doors.” His Mother taught him to have “gumption”. “She taught me the ability to go forward, to not be discouraged or be dissuaded of things of society but use those things as an impetus, the motivation to go forward and not to stop.” Donald’s Mother also taught him about the importance of education and literacy. Donald acquired the nickname “Spiderman” in childhood because he loved to run and jump and he was the collector of Spiderman comic books. Like Spiderman Donald helps people. “If you have the power to do something to help people you should do it.” When it comes to helping people these lessons where imparted on him by his Mother. “At an early age I had someone who was fostering a altruistic mentality in me.” “If you have something that can help someone and you have an abundance why not share it with someone else. When you improve the world, you improve your world because you’re living in that same world.” Donald has used the three books that he has authored as the source for his 3 Guinness Book of World records for public speaking. Donald through these books “pushes health and nutrition.” His first book the Philosophy of Divine Nutrition Program is his total philosophy of health and martial art. “Every religious philosophy has a diet.” “I took a comparative approach to health, nutrition and longevity and applied modern day science to that.” Donald states that herbs are mentioned in most religious texts. More of a disciplined lifestyle is also encouraged among religions. In regards to herbs Donald considers one of his mentors Dr. John Moore who is an herbalist. Our discussion then turns toward the mind/body connection. “If you think little of yourself you’re less likely to do things to take care of yourself.” Studies have shown that exercise is good for people with depression and cancer. Donald then educates us about sports nutrition and  incorporating a vegetarian diet. He shares he became a vegetarian at 19 and noticed many physical benefits as a result. Donald encourages the use of honey for it’s medicinal properties. His dietary recommendation includes approximately 55-65% complex carbohydrates,  15% protein (beans, legumes, green vegetables: broccoli, spinach, kale), and 10-20% fats (cold pressed macadamia oil, hemp seed oil, extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil, avocado). He also recommends the use of pre and probiotics to improve and maintain the health of the gastrointestinal system and immune function. Donald claims that clinical research has shown that people who consume soy products within normal ranges (25g) that are consumed in Asian countries have not had any negative effects but many positive results. According to Donald small amounts of caffeine can be beneficial to athletic performance. “The energy drink industry is primarily caffeine driven.” Healthy alternatives to caffeine laden energy drinks would be herbs. As far as aging is concerned you want to “maximize your health span within your life span.” Good nutrition and exercise can increase our longevity. 

Today’s Cardinal Point:

Ability is what you’re capable of doing

Motivation determines what you do

Attitude determines how well you do it ~Unknown

Donald "Spiderman" Thomas

Donald Spiderman Thomas is a native of Brooklyn, New York, where he was a former Choir & Altar Boy for the First African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Thomas is an ordained minister (non denominational, non sectarian) who has devoted his life to the advancement of the disenfranchised, people with disabilities, as well as at-risk youth.

He is a graduate of Antioch University West, with a BA in Liberal Arts and Science with a concentration in holistic health.

Donald is also the author of 3 books on the subjects of motivation, fitness and vegetarianism that he has used to break Guinness World Records in public speaking.
As a three times Guinness Book World Record holder in Public Speaking, he is one of the longest talkers in recorded human history

He is the originator of the New Jump Swing jump rope fitness program and The Philosophy of Divine Nutrition (PDN) Program. The premise of his philosophy is that every religious text has instructions on health, longevity and nutrition and that an analysis and synthesis of this advise is the basis for his concept of Divine Nutrition.

The total PDN program is an internal martial art or mind/body fitness program based upon the concepts of Jeet Kune Do, developed by the late Bruce Lee.
Donald and his wife Pamela live on the Big Island of Hawaii with their four dogs.

Website: www.newjumpswing.com