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Dr. Brian Mann, Holistic Eye Care, October 14, 2014

Cardinal Points welcomes holistic Optometrist Dr. Brian Mann to our show. The eyes are the window to our health “Let me be the gatekeeper to your personal journey of health.” His exams are holistic and very comprehensive. “The eyes are our most dominant sense.” In his clinical assessment of his patients he always looks at the eye health, eye tracking, eye alignment, the processing ability of the eyes, divergence, convergence, coordination, and acuity. Dr. Mann then educates us about the anatomy of the eye. He informs us that when looking at his patient’s eyes he can tell if they have good or poor nutritional habits. We then learn that iridology is the study of the iris and that the lens of the eye represents the metabolism of the whole body. Dr. Mann has learned that the combination of sugar and carbohydrates also polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids in a person’s diet has a detrimental effect on the eye lens that translates to the body. Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants are good for the eye sight. Dr. Mann has learned a lot from Ray Peat when it comes to nutrition for the eyes. “He likes root vegetables more than above ground vegetables.” Stress can also be reflected in the physiology of the eyes. Dr. Mann states that most children with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism have visual challenges. He uses corrective lenses, vision therapy and movement therapist to help these children. Dr. Mann prescribes Yoga for the eyes which strengthens the  ciliary muscle of the eyes improving vision and preventing vision loss. He recommends “flipper” exercises to help strengthen the ciliary muscle a prevent presbyopia, diminished ability to focus on near objects. Dr. Mann also suggests we experiment with the Bates Method to relax the eyes and improve our vision and the health of our eyes. Another resource he recommends is Vision Gym by Z-Health. We learn that the basic vision skills are: eye movements, convergence, accommodation, fixation and coordination. Dr. Mann then educates us about glaucoma and how there is a connection to this disease and liver toxicity or sluggishness. Dr. Mann’s interest in a holistic approach to life and eye care actually began with his exposure to composting. “We have to be a full circle of life.” “I love what  I do. I’ve become a master of what I do.”

Dr. Brian Mann

Dr Mann is a committed life-long learner, pursuing knowledge in
vision care, health, nutrition, fitness and world affairs. He was born and educated in South Africa, and practiced Optometry in his home country until moving to the United States in 1987. He graduated from the New England College of Optometry in Boston and has practiced in Connecticut since 1989. In addition to his general clinical training in evaluating overall eye health, refraction and fitting contact lenses, Dr. Mann has had extensive training in Preventative vision care, the diagnosis and treatment of learning related vision problems, and neuro-optometric conditions. Dr. Mann enjoys providing vision care to the full age range of pediatric to geriatric patients, and is experienced in assessing and treating patients with conditions including but not limited to: routine eye care, blurred or uncomfortable vision, headaches, reading issues, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, strabismus, amblyopia,
convergence insufficiency, TBI, post stroke, Sensory processing disorders, and Sports Vision skill training requirements.
His holistic philosophy to vision care, includes the influence of nutrition, exercise and environmental factors.

Website: www.brianmannvision.com