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Terris Wallace, Dress for Success, March 4, 2014

Terris Wallace is an impeccably dressed wise 24 year old young man who lost his father at the young age of 13 years old. Before his Dad died he was able to instill in his son the concepts of respect, dedication, hard work, and love. “When I push myself I learn more about myself.” His father and older brother also taught him about dressing for success. When you purchase a success uniform you are investing in yourself. “Not only do you look good, but you feel good,and others treat you with respect.” Terris gives us the following dress tips. Always make sure your suits fit well, are clean and “always, always, always press your clothes”. The tip of your tie should fall just below or to the middle of your belt buckle. Your socks should be conservative, “nothing too flashy”. Personal hygiene is also important. Always remember to avoid wearing too much cologne or perfume, make sure your hair is clean and well groomed, your nails manicured, and your breath fresh. Believe in yourself. How do you raise your level of belief? Dress like you believe in yourself.

Terris Wallace

Terris Wallace was born and raised in Providence. His interests are boxing, track, basketball and dressing for success. Terris’s other passion is writing. He is currently writing a novel from a super hero point of view. Terris currently works in the Men’s clothing industry.