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Greg Norman, What does it mean to be a man?, December 16, 2014

Cardinal Points welcomes radio personality Greg Norman to our show. We will discuss the question, What does it mean to be a man? Not the old images and messages we received growing up like: men don’t cry, don’t express your emotions, repress any sensitivity, be silent and independent. Instead men today need to step into their power and truth by speaking their feelings, expressing their sensitivity, balancing their masculine and feminine, opening their hearts. Greg states “it is very important for me to express what I’m feeling.” “I have a strong feeling if we don’t really become the men inside ourselves, the spiritual man, I don’t know if we’re going to make it.” Greg feels we have to look at ourselves first. “It takes courage.” One question Greg recommends we ask ourselves is; “do you have peace?” Challenging times in Greg’s life enabled him to ask himself the question, “who am I.” He has healed some of his father wounds so he can now look at the valuable lessons and what his father did provide. I was able to identify with Greg’s process in my own life. Our fathers did the best that they could. They did not learn how to be sensitive, loving, emotional men from their fathers so how could we expect them to be this way. Greg discusses how he had a “hole in his soul” that he tried to fill with his relationships with women. What I realized was “there was no woman that could fill it.” For Greg bodybuilding gave him the opportunity to get attention. “It gave me a sense of power.” He instead has learned that “being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness.” “We have the strength, the courage and the commitment” to express our feelings. We as men need to connect with our hearts and souls to be fully who we are meant to be, to be whole. We need to love ourselves first before we can love others. We’re either growing or dying. “Growing will sometimes take us outside of our comfort zone.” Greg reminds us to acknowledge ourselves when we’ve done something good, providing positive reinforcement. Greg believe’s taking positive action is also imperative in order to achieve our desires. We as men are at a critical period in our evolution. Many men are in crisis which is creating an opportunity for change, a time to know our hearts more intimately. “Humility to me is a very, very important role that we have to at least investigate.” We need to learn to open up our hearts. “I know in my soul it’s the only way to experience what true power is.

This Week’s Cardinal Point: The essential purpose of our presence on earth is to appreciate the gift of life and to celebrate it.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman and has been in the radio industry for numerous years and is now the President of The One Source Network, dedicated to positive media throughout the country. He is also the cohost of the radio show The Man Behind the Mask and has produced many personal development audios.