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Jeff Caron, For the Love of Running, December 2, 2014

Cardinal Point welcomes Jeff Caron, sub elite runner and Territory Sales Manager for ElliptiGo. Jeff first got involved in competitive running in High School with great success. He learned a valuable life lesson at that time, “the harder I worked the better I got.” Jeff enjoyed the camaraderie among his teammates and his competitors. “There was a mutual respect.” He believes there is a special connection between runners where ever you go.  According to Jeff discipline and dedication are valuable qualities that he learned as a runner that translates into his daily life. ” I had to pay attention to nutrition, to sleep, to stretching and to the little things.” His coaches on the high school, college and on the professional level all had a positive impact on Jeff’s life for various reasons. His high school coach encouraged him to bring passion to the sport. Jeff’s college coach taught him about maximizing his potential while his coach at the professional level encouraged him to have balance in his life. Jeff has dedicated himself and makes a contribution to the sport of running in the form of sharing his experience and passion for the sport. “Running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories and get your heart rate up.” It is a full body workout and improves overall fitness. It can also release stress. Jeff states that when beginning a running program or even if you are a seasoned veteran, “the most important thing is to listen to your body.” Although running is highly beneficial it also has a high risk for injury. “Keep a level head and level mindset.” Jeff claims running shoes are “designed to improve the running experience and allow you to do more of it by providing comfort, by providing protection.” There are many good resources available for runners. Jeff suggests starting with your local running store. Stretching is also an important aspect of running “to make those muscles more pliable and prepare them for the next activity.” “You never want to stretch cold muscles.”

Jeff then describes the ElliptiGO, an outdoor elliptical bicycle. It’s similar to an elliptical machine in the gym. The ElliptiGO simulates running without the impact and allows you to work 33% harder than a normal bicycle. “You can get a better workout in a shorter time.” The ElliptiGo is a great means to compliment a  runners training regime and also an alternative for injured runners. It’s not just for runners but for all fitness enthusiasts.

Jeff reminds us when we work hard doing what we love it won’t feel like work. It is also important to help others. “I love finding people and discovering what  their passion is and helping them to pursue it even more.” “Inspiration is the most valuable tool for running, for anything.” “Lead by example.”




Jeff Caron

Jeff Caron grew up in Auburn, ME.  In high school he developed a love for running both as a successful individual hobby and a personal pursuit. While at Edward Little High School, he was a member of 4 State Champion Teams, he received individual All State Honors 9 times and competed at the New England Championships 7 times.
Jeff went to college at the University of Maine where he studied Civil Engineering and continued competing in Cross Country and Track. One of his highest honors was when he won the 2006 America East Conference Title in the 5K.
Upon graduation in 2006, Jeff moved to Boston where he began working in a Engineering Consulting Firm. He also became a member of the New Balance Boston elite training program for 4 years. In those 4 years, he further developed his passion for the sport and dedication to become the best athlete and person he could be.
In 2011, Jeff brought his commitment to the running industry to a new level when he joined the Saucony Team as the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Rep. This role further established Jeff’s reputation as an industry professional who is devoted to helping grow the sport of running and all of its community members. In March of this year Jeff made a career transitioned to ElliptiGO Jeff’s passion to inspire people to improve their lives through exercise has reached an even higher level with ElliptiGO.

Website: www.elliptigo.com

Twitter: @JeffCaronRun