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John Calabrese, You are the Common Denominator of your Life, August 18, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome John Calabrese, Martial Arts Instructor, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur to our show. John shares how he go involved in the martial arts as a teenager mainly to get in shape and to learn how to defend himself. He learned rather quickly that there was much more to it than a physical practice. John describes the many styles of martial arts he’s been influenced by in his 34+ years of experience. He explains how it is important for good health to keep our inner energy, chi pathways clear. John’s first instructor had a positive impact on his life. “He worked me hard but definitely took a personal interest in me.” “He kept me out of trouble.” John discusses how his decision to get involved in martial arts changed the course of his life. He believes that the martial arts teaches you how to take action in your life. “It’s bringing the best of you out.” Teaching is John’s passion. “All day long I just help people bring out their full potential.” A good teacher cares and is personally invested in the outcome. A good student is someone who is teachable. The Martial arts foster focus, provides discipline, challenges you physically, develops your will power, and improves awareness. John claims that “Life is the greatest teacher of all.” We can all use our life challenges as learning opportunities. John discusses the concept of his Body Mind System. We help our students to form good habits with our training system. Helping others is a major aspect of what John teaches. Our discussion then flows to the concept of The Mastermind. When you get a group of people together with a common goal or interest they create an additional mind that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. John is the author of two books, You are the Common Denominator of your Life and The Common Denominator. In essence you effect every aspect of your life. The books addresses ten points to examine in your life: 1) Live outside the box, 2) Work with the Universe not against it, 3) The power of your thoughts, 4) The power of your words, 5) Personal responsibility, 6) Persistence, 7) Aim high, 8) Invest in yourself, 9) Mindfulness, 10) Take care of your health. As far as our thoughts are concerned John states “thoughts are things. They actually have mass.” We reap what we sow. Having positive thoughts and feeling good is going to create more things in your life to feel good about. John believes that taking action when the right opportunity comes and “it feels right” is imperative to a successful and happy life. “Anyone can accomplish anything provided they do what’s required.” Making mistakes is not a bad thing. It’s and opportunity to grow and learn. The most successful people have failed the most. Good communication skills are also important when it comes to being successful and respected by others. Making eye contact, asking questions and demonstrating genuine interest in the person you are talking to are among some of these skills. Some of the ways that John takes care of himself to increase his vitality are being in a relaxed state, eating a good nutritional diet, and spending his free time doing things that make him feel good such as; reading books, and attending seminars. Most importantly John reminds us “don’t sweat the little stuff.”

Today’s Cardinal Point: Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right. It’s the thinking that matters. ~Henry Ford

John Calabrese

John Calabrese is originally from  Chicago Illinois. and is currently living on the North Shore of Boston. He is a Master level teacher in martial arts with 30 years of teaching experience. John is also a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. Learning and teaching are his passion. It is his belief that learning accumulates knowledge but to teach and apply it converts it into wisdom.

In 2002 he along with several master level teachers founded Body Mind Systems a martial arts organization and training system. A system focused on the complete mental and physical development of the student. As well as the ability to apply the training and the principles to their daily lives.

Website: www.bodymindsystems.com

Website: http://www.growthisadecision.com