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John Tarrats, Glycoscience & Network Marketing , February 10, 2015

John Tarrat’s intention for being a guest on Cardinal Points. “To open the minds of people to nutrition so they may take control of their health and wellness.”

Cardinal Points would like to welcome John Tarrats a health and wellness business consultant, a social entrepreneur and professional network marketer to our show. John has always been interested in the human body and how it works. He also noticed how food made a difference in peoples health. “What people eat matters.” John has had his eyes opened to the connection between science, nutrition and health & wellness. “There are studies to validate that nutrition has an impact on health.” John observed good benefits when he improved his nutritional habits. He then educates us about ambrotose. It is a vital sugar derived from plants that when you digest them supports cellular health. According to John this process is called glycobiology and is cutting edge science that can have great positive impact on the health of humanity globally. John has witnessed significant health improvements with his sister and brother in-law using this form of nutritional support. He then informs us about the vitamin and supplement industry. “It’s only about a hundred years old.” They were discovered in 1912 by¬†Casimir Funk. “Then there was a turn in history, a turn in fate.” That’s when they began using synthetic sources in vitamins and supplements. John states this source is not the same as natural food sources. Cold tar, petroleum based derivatives, are also used in some vitamins and supplements. John then informs us about the Dietary¬†Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) Law that established standards and practices for the dietary supplement industry in 1994. People are beginning to education themselves and taking responsibility for their health. They’re realizing that “Food is health. It’s what we’re made of.” “Food is a mirror.” Examples of this are: walnuts that resemble the brain and contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support the nervous system, tomatoes have four chambers and are the color of the heart, avocados support women’s reproductive health, celery has 23% sodium content just like our bones, a cross section of a carrot looks like the iris of the eye and carrots have been found to improve our vision. We return to the discussion about glycoscience. We learn that glycans play roles in almost every biological process and are involved in every major disease. “Every living cell interact with glyconutrients and that’s a fact.” “Glyconutrients are the gatekeepers to the cells communication network.”

We now shifts gears and discuss wealth and network marketing. I believe wealth is intimately connected to our health and well being. John would agree. “It’s actually a biblical principle to be healthy and wealthy.” Network marketing is on the rise and even the wealthiest people on this planet including Warren Buffet believe in it. Network marketing is not a “get rich quick scheme.” More companies around the world are seeing the benefit of this type of marketing. “Professionals today are looking at this industry and saying it’s a powerful vehicle to help transform their lives.” Some of the benefits of the industry is the power of part time and low start up cost with potential for high yield. Network marketing is also about personal development. As John said, “it’s not so much where I end up but the journey that counts.” “I’m becoming a better human being.” Helping others is also important. “Serving others is part of our DNA.” John discusses the concept of social entrepreneurship which is using money in a way that affects society positively. “It’s capitalism with a heart.”

Today’s Cardinal Point: A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history~Ghandi

John Tarrats

John Tarrat’s professional career began as a Xray technician. He then found his way into the hospitality and food industry. John founded a non profit in 2007 to help nourish Rhode Islanders who don’t have enough to eat. He now considers himself a health and Wellness Business Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and Professional Network Marketer with Mannatech.

email address: paradise100@verizon.net

Cell phone: 401-965-9202