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Kim Falcone, Herbalism and the Gift of Medicinal Plants, July 1, 2014

I met Herbalist Kim Falcone in 2005 when I was able to utilize her expertise to treat my Lyme disease. Kim reports that more physicians are now seeing the benefits of medicinal plants for treatment of many diseases and illnesses. Kim’s passion for herbalism runs deep. In fact it’s part of her DNA. She is a descendent of Ann Hutchinson, herbalist and outspoken religious leader of the early 1600’s. Kim’s personal journey with medicinal plants began in her 40’s when she explored their use to treat her own allergies. She began her own healing with the use of essential oils whose aroma is inhaled creating an immediate response in the brain. The use of medicinal plants is an ancient practice. Kim educates us about the different facets of herbalism; “some herbalist are wonderful gardeners and farmers”, others are teachers while some are practitioners or product makers. Then there are the organizers; one being Rosemary Gladstar the “Godmother of American Herbalism.” Kim then informs us about “plant spirit medicine.” It’s about having a relationship with a plant, a connection to the plant. Plants have served as our healers and teachers for thousands of years, we need to respect them. Kim then shares with us where she obtains her herbs besides growing her own. We learn that “a tincture is a alcohol based herbal product while an extract is just a more concentrated tincture.” A tincture and extract are created by collecting the leaves or roots of plants, chopping them up and submersing them in alcohol and water in a sealed container. You then shake it up and store for 6 weeks. The leaves of plants are harvested in the Spring and early Summer while the roots of plants are harvested in the Fall. This is where and when the energy of the plant is at its highest concentration. Kim prefers using multiple herbs to take advantage of the synergistic effect. Our discussion then turns to our need to protect and save our medicinal plants. “As an herbalist I believe part of my responsibility is to impart the preservation of our planet.” “We are going to have to rely again on medicinal plants more than we ever have in the last 200 years.” There are many medicinal plants that are endangered. United Plant Savers is a watch dog organization that is trying to preserve and protect our medicinal  plants. Kim asks us to do our part to helping to conserve our resources and cut down on our trash; be conscious of your water use when washing our dishes, use cloth napkins and regular plates instead of paper. She also recommends that we  stop using household chemicals present in many cleaning products, shampoos and soaps. Instead use natural cleaning and personal hygiene products. Kim produces her own line of natural cleaning products which are essential oil based. If you are ever in vicinity of Wakefield, RI I recommend that you give Kim a call and make sure to visit her magical Lily’s Garden Herbal cottage. Kim reminds us we have the power to heal ourselves and that medicinal plants can support us on this journey to wellness.

Kim Falcone

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Development from the University of Rhode Island in 1977, Kim began her herbal journey in 1996. Since then she has completed several herbal apprenticeships, including Therapeutic Herbalism with the late Gail Ulrich, at Blazing Star Herbal School; Foundations of Herbal Medicine with Tieraona Lowdog, MD; The Art and Science of Aromatherapy, Level 1, with Linda Patterson, and The Essence of Herbalism with Michael Ford, MS, MA. She has earned community trust as an herbal resource through the years and offers herbal therapy and holistic health support at Lily’s Garden Herbals, in Wakefield, RI, which she founded in 1999.  Kim formulates a line of non-toxic and herbal-based household and first aid products available to retailers, institutions and the public. She is also the in-house herbalist at the Alternative Food Cooperative in Wakefield, RI. In addition to being a Northeast Herbal Association council member, Kim is a general member of the American Herbalists Guild, United Plant Savers, and the Ocean State Herbal Association (O-SHA).  She and her husband, Rob are the parents of two grown daughters and live in Wakefield, RI.


Website: www.lilysgardenherbals.com