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Candace Newman, Aromatherapy for Health with the Oil Lady, July 15, 2014

Cardinal Points welcomes Candace Newman, the Oil Lady to our show. Back in the 1980’s Candace  healed herself with the use of essential oils. “I felt like they saved my life, they gave me a reason to be alive.” “If we’re in pain follow the pain. Our souls speak to us through our body.” Let the pain and illness teach you the lessons you are suppose to learn. If we come from a place of gratitude, appreciation and love more things to be grateful for will come into our lives. “The armor of God is love”, it protects us.

According to Candace essential oils have had a royal mission since the beginning of time. They have three missions: 1) They assist us in transitions (birth, death, waking in the morning, going to sleep at night, challenging times), 2) They protect our health, 3) They remind us to celebrate. They touch and open our hearts. True aromatherapy relates to the therapeutic use of high grade pure essential oils. “They carry the medicine from the plant. They carry the message from the plant.” “They give us the instant ability to shift and relieve our stress.” Through our sense of smell the essential oils almost immediately affect the limbic part of the brain. “Oils have this direct track to the brain, the olfactory track, and they change our brain chemistry.” They also support a healthy immune system through our skin. People’s response to the smell of essential oils is very individual. What may smell nice and trigger a good emotional response for one person may have the opposite affect on someone else. Candace informs us to use essential oils safely they should be added to a base oil before applying to the skin. “We want to keep them away from the eyes. We don’t want to use them on babies without professional advice. ” There are three methods to get the medicine and the message from essential oils: 1) In a mist form, 2) Use them is a blend (with a base oil), 3) Straight use for inhalation, five to seven deep breaths. Candace then gives us some helpful remedies using lavender to improve our ability to sleep. She then explains how she uses her Touch with Oils Hand massage particularly with Hospice patients. Our arms and hands are an extension of our hearts. That is why hugs and touch are so healing. “Our hands are going to give away what we have and what we are.” Candace gives us a brilliant way to manifest what we want in life. Entrain our intention with the scent of an essential oil we love while stating verbally what we want.

Please check out Candace’s Aromatherapy Guide Series which you can access on her website (www.OilLadyAromatherapy.com) and Amazon. Each guide is about self care and the use of essential oils and aromatherapy. Happy 22nd anniversary to Candace and Oil Lady Aromatherapy.

Candace Newman

Candace Newman MAT, LMT… The Oil Lady® … holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her Aromatherapy training started in 1989 as an answer to her own health challenges. Candace is owner of Oil Lady Aromatherapy® LLC with her husband, John. She is the founder of the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage, and created The Good Medicine Tin® as an Aromatherapy self-care kit in the early 1990’s. Her devotion to essential oils has enriched her life with experiences in Saudi Arabia, the Incans in the Andes of Ecuador, as well as her Hospice work and care-givers of all kinds..

Candace’s training includes Purdue University and leading Aromatherapists in Canada, England, France, and Germany. She was the 7th and last student from the US of the late Micheline Arcier of London. She is one of the authors of The World of Aromatherapy, and many national and international articles. Two of her classes are available on DVD, and she writes an Aromatherapy Guide Series. Candace lives in Eustis, Florida with her husband, John, and their rescue chocolate-lab mix, Muga. All their formulas are the results of her private practice.


Website: www.OilLadyAromatherapy.com