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Dave Schmidt, Let Your Light Shine, July 29, 2014

Cardinal Points welcomes Dave Schmidt host of the Blog Talk Radio program The Sedona Connection. According to Dave his radio program just evolved organically. Dave educates us about the Global Currency Reset. He states that our Federal Reserve is not a government agency but a private corporation and controls the world’s money supply. He informs us that there are four families that control the Federal Reserve thus the world’s money supply: The Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, JP Morgan and the Warburg’s. A member of the Rothschild family once said “Let me control a country’s currency and I will control the country regardless of what laws they pass.”  According to Dave “we are headed for a global currency collapse.” These wealthy families will continue their power and control if this happens. Thankfully we are quietly reverting back to gold backed currency. The Global Currency Reset, when it occurs, takes the power away from these cabal families. This will also allow us to move out of our financial slavery. “We are moving into this new Golden Age.” “We are waking up and becoming more aware.” Dave then relays the story from the Bible when Moses frees the Israelites and how it is similar to what’s taking place now on our planet right now. It’s not just about gaining wealth “We have to undo the slavery mentality.” We create, through our own thoughts the life that we experience. Dave explains how we are beginning to see the marriage between science and spirituality. Our thoughts create a frequency, a meme, that is transmitted from us and attracts back circumstances, events, and people of the same frequency. Like attracts like. “We need to start putting out positive thoughts”, thoughts of love not fear. “Love is the most powerful energy here in the world but fear is the most dominate energy.” “All healing is just a process of removing fear.” To change our thinking Dave advises us to go within and stop looking outside of ourselves for our happiness. Jesus said “The kingdom of God is inside of us.” We can use our emotions as a barometer of whether our thinking is positive or negative. Our discussion then turns to our need to remove our old patterns or blockages. These programs or beliefs were picked up from our society, families, educational systems, the media, and religious institutions. When we release these blockages abundance will flow in with ease. Dave informs us that if we get even a small number of people, a couple thousand, to raise their vibrations this can have a huge impact on our planet.  Dave then takes us through the 3 step process of releasing negative programming that he has been implementing the past 35 years of his life: 1) Recognize it, 2) Release it, 3) Replace it. He then elaborates on the energetic concept of when you give freely you’ll receive back ten fold. Dave recommends that if we want to remove darkness all you need to do is turn on the light. It’s time we all let our lights shine.

Dave Schmidt

Dave Schmidt has a unique background, someone you wouldn’t expect to be discussing metaphysical or ‘higher energy’ issues. Dave spent 20 years in politics, including 12 years in the WA State Legislature, finishing as a State Senator. The other side is Dave’s spiritual and financial backgrounds. He has a B.A. in Religion and a M.A. in Theology. Dave spent 12 years in active church ministry prior to his years in politics, ands he combines all of that with an original career in banking and finance which includes 18 years as a market trader.  And yes, he was a conservative minister and a Republican politician who now discusses metaphysical and cutting edge issues.  Dave can be as unique as Sedona, where he lives, they are a good ‘fit.’ Communicating with others discussing ‘meaning of life’ issues has always been his love. You’ll see it and hear it as you join him on his weekly Blog Talk Radio program The Sedona Connection.

Website: http://www.thesedonaconnection.com