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Ron Arsenault, Real Men Do Cry, June 10, 2014

Ron Arsenault, Clinical Social Worker, views his work as a privilege and an honor. Ron fosters healing for his clients by creating a atmosphere that is safe and nonjudgemental. “I’m making sure I’m hearing people right, hearing the feeling behind their words.” Becoming a father was one of the most significant moments in Ron’s life, “it changed my identity.” He feels that his life challenges have made him more whole as a person. Ron discusses the benefits of psychotherapy for his own inner growth, “you need to practice what you preach.” Self care is also an important part of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. Our discussion then turns to Men’s issues beginning with how boys are socialized such as “don’t rely on anyone else.” Research shows that male infants are held and cuddled less. Boys are encouraged to suppress their vulnerable emotions, “big boys don’t cry” yet anger and aggression is acceptable. Homophobia, fear of closeness with other men, is also learned in childhood which translates into men having fear about having close friendships with other men. Some of the negative affects of this socialization of boys when they become men is increased rates of alcoholism, violence, mental health issues, depression, health challenges and relationship difficulties. We then agreed that there are some glaring differences between men and women.¬†Women might say “if it works how can I make it better” while men may respond “if it works why change it.” Women like to discuss the stressors in their lives while men want to do something about it, take action or ignore it. Ron then educates us about the differences in brain function between men and women that contribute to our differences in communication and behavioral styles.¬†There is hope for men particularly with fathering. Fathers are beginning to take a more active role in their children’s lives. Ron ends our show with tips for Dad’s, The Do’s and Don’ts.

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Ron Arsenault

Ron Arsenault is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in private practice fro 32 years in Warwick, Ri, providing individual, couple, family, and group therapy, with a specialty in working with men’s issues. Ron received his B.A. from Rhode Island College and his Master of Social Work degree from Boston University. He began his career as a social work caseworker and supervisor with the RI Department for Children, Youth & Families from 1971-1980. He worked one year as a school social worker before becoming a program director at Child & Family Services of Newport County. In that position, Ron directed the Comprehensive Emergency Services Program and an Adolescent Shelter Program. He went into full-time private practice in 1986. Ron spent several years facilitating therapeutic men’s groups as well as participating in a weekly men’t group himself. In addition he has done consultation and training on various topics including: men’s issues, anger management, domestic violence, and fathering.

Ron is married to Sally Simpson Arsenault, a recently retired special educator and administrator. He has two daughters, two step-sons, and three grandchildren-all of whom fill his life with joy! He enjoys exercise, outdoors, and travel, and yea and Sally are avid swing dancers.