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Bob Baxter, Clearing Life Energy, June 17, 2014

“The truth is that within each of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to know complete peace and oneness to be that beautiful creation of perfect harmony to truly know (help) myself” Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu Master

Bob Baxter, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, shares how he left the corporate world to join the holistic healing profession. Jin Shin Jyutsu a physio-philosophy is an ancient Japanese art of harmonizing the life energy in the body, “placing my hands in certain sequences of points opens energy and helps it to flow.”  Holding negative emotions in the body can block the flow of energy creating disharmony or disease. According to the Jin Shin theory there are 5 attitudes that block the energy flow in the body : worry, fear, anger, grief/sadness, and hate/impatience (trying too hard). Bob explains that stress is about fear,”fight or flight.” We need to transform these negative emotions into it’s counterpart (example worry becomes trust, fear to gentleness, anger to kindness, grief/sadness to courage, hate/impatience to love and joy). Bob then states that Yoga and stretching also liberates the energy in the body. Our conversation then shifts to the subconscious mind and how it is in charge of all of the programs in the body. Bob explains that childhood trauma can get locked in the cells of the body, “Emotions buried alive never die.” EFT, through tapping on the seven specified points on the body, can release these emotional charges. “All emotions are a cascade of neuropeptides that create a chemical so when we get angry it’s a certain chemical that’s fed into the body.” In our final segment Bob takes our producer Mike through a EFT session to help him release some aggravation and frustration. Bob recommends the following websites to learn more about EFT.





Bob Baxter

Robert Baxter started his search into alternative therapies 26 years ago. It was his avocation for many years while he worked in the corporate world. Since he had polio when he was 5 and fully recovered through yoga and movement. He later discovered that healing the body/mind was more about nutrition, movement and clearing the mind of unwanted mental programs. Along the path, Robert studied with several master teachers and found many exciting proven techniques and strategy’s to heal the body/mind of most disharmonies, and then to further maintain a sense of peace and freedom in this chaotic world. Jin Shin and EFT is his base for helping himself and all others around him. He teaches “self’help” workshops in both techniques.

Robert has been a certified practitioner & instructor of Jin Shin for 26 years; EFT for 14 years; QuantumPainRelief.com for 5 years. He teaches at American Massage Therapy Assoc. conferences, and has taught at Kripalu, All That Mattters, Yellow Ribbon/ Veterans events for PTSD and other various venues across North America. Robert is the founder & creator of products at www. HeliosHealthProducts.com – therapeutic, topical solutions for pain, itch and skin conditions.

Website: www.TheWellnessFactor.org

Website: www. HeliosHealthProducts.com