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Leah Franklin, Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong, March 10, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome Leah Franklin, Qigong Instructor, to our show. Leah shares how her intuition led her to Arkansas where she eventually met 17th Generation Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong Grand Master John Tsai. He became her teacher. When she began getting internal messages about making a move, “I turned inward because that’s where the answers are.” “I needed to believe and trust in that guidance, so when you open yourself up to it and it comes to you, if you don’t listen I think there’s a price to pay.” “You enter the world of grace when you listen.” Leah then tells us a bit about her teacher Grand Master Tsai. He was born premature and was frail as a child. Luckily his Great Uncle was a well known Shaolin Kung Fu teacher. Grandmaster Tsai began to train with him. “Kung Fu and Qigong, the internal and the external are one.” Our discussion then shifts into the concept of Qi or energy, a life force energy. According to Grandmaster Tsai “there are philosophers of Qi and there are farmers of Qi. The philosophers read about it, write about it. They understand the theory. They talk very well about it. They can tell you all the history. But the farmers are actually cultivating it and they’re doing it. According to Leah “Qigong means energy cultivation.” It’s the practice of becoming aware of ones energy field, cultivating it and refining it. You can practice Qigong to help move any stagnate energy in the body. This will assist in balancing the body and prevent illness and disease.” There are many different elements of Qigong. There’s medical Qigong, spiritual Qigong, martial art Qigong.” Leah then explains the concept of Qi body. Qi body is when you are so full of Qi that is surrounds your body so you’re enveloped in a field of Qi. Leah describes the space where our body’s Qi and vitality begin, lower dantean. This space is about three finger widths below the navel and two finger widths deep. Proper breathing begins by bringing your minds awareness and breath into lower dantean. “It’s really the life force energy that we’re drawing into lower dantean.” Leah claims she feels more spry and younger since beginning her practice of Qigong. If you continue to cultivate Qi you won’t age as quickly.  When get in touch with your eternal source and you’re feeling great it gives you incentive to live longer. In this sometimes hectic pace of life we experience in the northeast it’s important that we slow down, go in and take care of ourselves. “Be in the world not of it.” Leah finds that her meditation and Qigong practice helps her with this. “Be connected to those things that are most important.” Leah educates us about the two great sources of energy that she works with in Qigong. The first being the Universal forces which is the cosmos, the outer atmosphere, the sun, the stars, the space. Secondly is the Earth energy. “It’s important that we balance ourselves between these two energies.” Qigong also makes use of polarity, yin and yang, the dynamic of opposites.

Today’s Cardinal Point: The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. ~Albert Einstein

Leah Franklin

Leah Franklin is an international teacher, spreading the ancient knowledge of internal alchemy to a world ready to wake up to personal connection, power and harmony with the universe. She has been involved with the cultivation of Qi from an early age through Tai Chi, healthy eating, herbal remedies and holistic energy healing practices.
Her Nei Qi cultivation knowledge and skill is a martial art Qigong transmitted to her by 17th Generation Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong Grand Master John Tsai. “It has been a great honor and privilege to study intensively under the guidance of Grand Master John Tsai”, she says.
She left a career as a massage therapist of 26 years and a practitioner of cranio-sacral therapy for 8 years to become Chief Instructor for Grand Master Tsai at his school in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Leah took over ownership and direction of the school under the name Lotus Jewel Qi Energy Center after 4 years. “Studying the healing techniques of Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong is an incredible journey within to the source of our body’s energy system. She has been witness to amazing experiences of rehabilitation and rejuvenation from students and clients of all ages.”
“It is my joy to share this precious knowledge of how we cleanse, build and balance Qi energy in the body and ultimately rejuvenate at a cellular level. The Qigong prepares our bodies to connect and harmonize with infinite Universal Energies. The body is an energy field and when that field is full of positive Qi, we become vibrant human beings.”

Website: http://www.qimastersclass.com