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Linda Broadhead, Master Body Practitioner, March 17, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome Linda Broadhead, Master Body Practitioner to our show. She shares how her desire to spend more time with her son led her from a career as a paralegal to a massage therapist. Her intuition guided her in the direction of natural healing. She sought out the help of a Naturopathic Physician who made some recommendations to lower her high blood pressure. It worked. Although Linda chose massage therapy as her new path, it was energy work that interested her the most. Massage therapy gave her “the license to touch” and allowed her the vehicle to incorporate energy work. After Linda finished her massage therapy education she attended a Healing School, Dr. Jaffe’s School of Energy Mastery. This honed her awareness of her own and other people’s energy and eventually steered her in the direction of esoteric healing. We both agree it is important to protect your own energy field from picking up unwanted energy from others particularly if you are in a profession where you put your hands on people. This can be done with intention, symbols, crystals, sound and ritual to name a few. Surrounding yourself “and emanate love” is the strongest way to apply protection. “When you’re in a place of your heart there is not a whole lot of protection you need to do.” Linda then informs us how she uses manual muscle testing in her healing practice. She uses it to gain unconscious information from her clients or to test the strength of specific muscles or muscle groups. Linda then educates our listeners about a pendulum technique they can utilize by asking themselves questions to get truthful answers. “This is a practice of allowing. You’re going to allow your body to move.” Linda uses the information she gathers from the muscle testing to incorporate into her favorite modalities: Total Body Modification, Natural Healing and Bio-Dynamic Resonance Technique. “These modalities are more based in functional physiology.” “How does the body talk to itself to properly perform it’s functions.” When she identifies areas of imbalance she can then correct and stimulate the body’s response to bring it into balance. These corrections can be done by using frequency infuse vials of water that is either held by the client or placed against their body by the practitioner. Tapping on the spine to integrate the treatment into the nervous system and the body’s energy field is then performed. “I honor the inherent knowing of the body.” Linda states that we have a physical body, emotional body, mental body and lastly a spiritual body. A blockage in anyone of those fields will affect the others. Linda usually looks for the emotional challenges first. She describes a few examples how healing work can be done at a distance without the recipient in her exact location. Linda uses three structural healing modalities the most: MyoSkeletal Alignment Technique, Touch for Health and Active Isolated Stretching. “I’m looking for what’s not in balance” structurally and then make a correction by applying a stretch and then test to see if the correction worked. If it did she then teaches her clients the correction to do on there own. Linda confirms that it is imperative that we all take 100% responsibility for our own health. Linda also believes our nutrition and what we eat impacts our well being as well as a consistent exercise program. We learned that the substances that create the most inflammation in our bodies are: sugar, genetically modified foods, bad carbohydrates, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. An alkaline body environment is healthier than acidic. Ultimately you want to listen to your own body’s innate intuition regarding what’s good for it. Linda then closes the show by describing a very important connective tissue called fascia. “It’s one continuous sheet”, a web, that envelops and is invested in all tissue and structures throughout the body.

Today’s Cardinal Point: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. ~Mark Twain

Linda Broadhead

Linda Broadhead began her working career as a paralegal. She wanted to spend more time with her son who was 10 years old at the time so she chose a different path. Her intuition led her to holistic approaches to healing and she got trained as a massage therapist. She has since, and that’s been 22 years, gained knowledge expertise and experience with a plethora of healing modalities.

Website: lindabroadhead.com

Phone: 401-741-3093