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Casey Conrad, Women’s Healthy Inspirations and Essential Oils, May 13, 2014

Casey Conrad inspires us to not let any challenges hold us back, “you create an intention and then you put the work into it and accomplish it. Don’t take no as an answer and you can have, be and do anything you want”. She tells us about her introduction to Tony Robbins and her personal development track, “it changed my life”. Casey shares her expertise about women’s obesity (68% of Americans are now over weight or clinically obese) and tips for losing weight, “exercise alone will not lose weight”,  healthy eating and dealing with the emotional component of over eating is crucial. “Women are emotionally attached to food that comes from a young age.” Casey states that most overweight women are controlled by food but emphasizes that they can take back control of their lives. Her advise to women, “You need to surround yourselves with people who will support you”.  Casey then informs us about our bodies frequency and vibration and it’s impact on our health. Using “pure” essential oils is one way  to increase your vibration thus improve your health. The process of creating essential oils extracts all of the living mechanisms of a plant; hormones, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants which is why they are so potent. It is important to remember “our bodies are designed to regenerate.” we just need to give them the opportunity.  Make sure to take advantage of Casey’s offer for a complimentary Kindle download or pdf version of her book Vibrant Health Now. Contact her at younglivingcasey@gmail.com


Casey Conrad

Casey Conrad is President of Communication Consultants, WBS, Inc., a company dedicated to providing high quality seminars for professionals in the health and fitness industry worldwide.  She has been in the health and fitness industry for 28 years, has been a featured presenter in 21 countries and is a frequent columnist for a variety of magazines in several countries.

In 1999 Casey founded Healthy Inspirations, a women’s weight loss program that incorporated grocery store foods, regular exercise, relaxation treatments and optional beauty treatments under one roof.  She grew that company to 121 locations before selling in 2008.

Casey is also the author of Winning the Struggle to Be Thin and the creator of a licensed weight loss program Called Take It Off, which can be found in many health clubs throughout North America.

In 2009, due to a personal back injury, Casey was introduced to essential oils.  Since that day she has not used a single OTC or prescription drug, opting to use alternative, natural remedies instead.  Her passion for the subject fueled her to co-write and publish Vibrant Health Now, a guide for removing toxins from one’s life and using essential oils and other natural therapies.

Casey earned her BA at The American University and her JD at Roger Williams University School of Law.  In addition, she is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Associative Conditioning.

Website: http://www.caseyconrad.com