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Rebecca Briggs, Organic Whole Foods, Good for the Gut, May 20, 2014

Rebecca shares about her transition from daily Allie’s donuts and coffee to eating organic whole natural foods as a young adult. She educates us about Candida overgrowth (biofilm) and how herbicides and pesticides in our food and water are major contributing factors. Eliminating sugar, wheat products, and eating organic foods can help eliminate toxins in the body. Rebecca invites us to explore the research of Dr. Stephanie Seneff regarding glyphosates (herbicides used to kill weeds) in GMO foods. She then explains our bodies physiological response to our exposure to these herbicides and the damaging results. Rebecca discusses how juice cleansing and elimination diets can assist in bringing our bodies back to balance. “All sorts of people are cleansing now not just the health freaks.” Juice cleansing allows the digestive system to take a break so it can rest.” “There is many ways to put good flora back into the gut and one of  the ways is fermented foods.” Rebecca recommends the book Clean Gut by Dr. Junger as a great resource for elimination diets and ways to improve your intestinal health. Medicinal herbs, many of which grow in our own back yards, are another tool we can use to prevent and treat many illnesses. Shifting gears Rebecca, a long time Yoga practitioner and teacher, shares the many benefits of Yoga but ultimately it’s about “coming into yourself, just loving yourself, listening to yourself, knowing yourself.” She then explains the sacred art of Thai massage affectionately called “lazy man’s Yoga”. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat, where the receiver is supported by the earth with the recipient fully clothed. People “walk away like they just came from a Yoga class.”  Everyone should experience this healing bodywork.

Rebecca Briggs

Rebecca Briggs is an Interdisciplinary Vinyasa Yoga Teacher; Traditional Thai Massage Therapist and an Herbal Medicine & Organic, Whole Foods Educator.

Rebecca began eating organically back in the mid 1980s, when it was considered fanatical or hippyish to eat “natural foods”, but as the daughter of Allie, of RI’s legendary Allie’s Donuts, Rebecca had for years eaten a donut and coffee a day, and by 18 was experiencing digestive distress and mental and physical health problems.

Rebecca has had an established multi-disciplinary yoga and meditation practice since 1992, and became a full time Registered Yoga Teacher in 2001, at age 40, when as a new, single mother, she recognized that in order to sustain her mental, emotional, and physical health she better make yoga and natural foods her livelihood.

Now “Fit over 50”, as RIFIT magazine’s recent issue declared in a feature profile, Rebecca’s mission is to educate and coach others with their own transformation into natural wellness, through ‘Organic, Whole Foods’ and ‘Green Juicing’ classes, workshops and private sessions.

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