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Katherine Conte, Food for the Whole You, May 27, 2014

Katherine Conte shares how she experienced a “mid twenty” crisis that led  her to Yoga, “Yoga opens you up in ways that you really don’t imagine for yourself.” We discuss how our unhappiness is a reflection of our disconnect from our spirit or soul. Katherine follows and recommends a plant based diet. She states that at the center of all traditional diets is whole grains (rices, millet, quinoa, barley, buckwheat). Katherine reports some of the guiding principles of eating a traditional way: 1) eat whole natural foods the way that nature intended, 2) Eat food that is grown or lives locally as much as possible (within a 500 mile radius). She then explains the different characteristics and qualities of food such as it’s “strength” , texture, nutritional value or if it is “contractive” or “expansive” is nature. Sugar would be the most expansive substance and salt would be contracting. We want to eat food that is more balancing such as grains, vegetables, and beans.  Katherine explains how food influences the quality of our blood and “blood is at the foundation of  our health, every cell is born out of the quality of blood.” “Good quality blood sustains a good quality of life.” Our bodies will achieve optimal health if we keep our blood more alkaline. She then states that, “not only what you eat is important but the way you eat, our attitudes about the act of eating” is important. Katherine reminds us to make ample time to eat and for the most effective assimilation of our food eat while seated, “food deserves respect and reverence.”

Katherine Conte

Katherine Conte, ERYT, MA

Katherine’s inventive teaching style is shaped by over 20 years of practice and study in yoga, the therapeutic arts, religious studies, Five Element Theory, and macrobiotics. Well known for her ability to weave these disciplines into the yoga environment, Katherine aims at engaging students at a purposeful, authentic level. Her classes are a truly unique experience.

Katherine’s formal education includes a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Art Therapy, she completed the Macrobiotics America Counseling Program, and the Advanced Dream Tending Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Currently, she studies world healing modalities under the guidance of master teacher Tom Monte and continually explores and experiments with the energetics of food for healing and great health.

Katherine is the founder of focus yoga, the creator of the focus yoga teacher training program, and the Whole You! lifestyle and health programs. She is available for private consultations, teacher trainings and workshops.

Website: www.focusyoga.com

Phone: 401-354-9112