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Peter Arpin, All Things Are Connected, February 24, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome Peter Arpin, Entrepreneur, radio talk show host and voice of sustainability, to our show. As a fourth generation Arpin family member continuing his great grandparents legacy brings with it, some responsibility. It is a company that adapts, changes and is resilient. “Everything we do is based on trying to deliver value to our customers anywhere in the world.” As a company they are always trying to stay current with the global trends and incorporate sustainability into their company’s model. “I’ve always been an ardent environmentalist.” Trying to blend his passion for saving our planet and managing many successful companies is crucial for Peter. “We can do a better job of balancing the economy with the environment.” According to Peter to simplify sustainability it comes down to how much energy we use and how much waste do we create. Peter tries to bring sustainability into all aspects of his businesses. This philosophy impacts his employees, the community, the state, the country and lastly the planet. Peter believes without the support of his brother and the amazing team at Arpin none of their successes would be possible. He has learned many valuable lessons from the generations before him about adaptation, being willing to change, expansion to meet customers needs and migration. “One thing they imbued in us and certainly my Dad reinforced heavily was this investment back to the community.”

Peter reports he has had a passion for radio since early on. His vision for his media network is “to be the Bloomberg of business sustainability.” “Our goal is simple go out and find the experts, tell their story and motivate others.” Peter encourages us all to explore the use of renewable clean energy. Besides the potential cost savings it’s better for the environment and planet. It’s also important to support our local farmers. “They are responsible for a lot of the open space that we have. Open space is very very very important to our quality of life.” Education about sustainability is key particularly with children. “This migration from a fossil fuel economy to a clean energy is the next great industrial revolution and we’re living it right now. We could live it a lot faster, a lot better if we changed our educational standards.” Peter invites us to check out www.onemoregeneration.org which was founded by two children after the latest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sustainability in not just about energy it’s a total lifestyle, it’s a philosophy. Peter recommends that we remain very active, be in nature, and have some solitude to help reduce our stress levels. Also be keenly aware about the food we eat. “I always feel like there is a divine purpose in this. We should be obligated to respect the environment around us, and to restore it, and to pass it on, and to protect it, and to love it, and to appreciate it.” “Sustainability is  ever single aspect of how we touch life.” Everything and everywhere on our planet is connected. It’s going to take total global collaboration to make the changes necessary to improve our personal health and that of our planet.

Today’s Cardinal Point: This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites on family. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. ~Chief Seattle

Peter Arpin

Seeing Green for Peter Arpin has nothing at all to do with money, but rather, it’s just the opposite, it has all to do with sustainability. And if Peter Arpin were an evangelist, he wouldn’t be preaching from the Good Book, but rather The GREEN book, and helping to convert everyone over to the good life of sustainability. 

But what Peter would also tell you is that there is an incredible business case when it comes to embracing sustainability and moving towards a greener future. As Peter says, “The world is at a crossroads, between climate change, natural resources being de-pleated, and an ever increasing need for energy by a growing population, there are challenges that need solutions. And with these challenges come great opportunities to learn from our mistakes and devise solutions for a better tomorrow. And this time around, rather than working against nature, we can work with nature. And if you treat her right, mother earth will take care of us, and provide for all of our needs.”

Peter Arpin is the fourth generation of Arpin family members to run Arpin Group, which was first established in 1900 by his Great Grandparents. He assumed his current responsibilities as Partner of Arpin International Group in 1989, and also runs its Alaskan and Canadian divisions.

During his tenure at Arpin, the company has grown from a single company with annual sales of $5 million, to a group of eight companies with revenues excessing $300 million. Following a strategic acquisition, Arpin acquired offices on mainland China. Peter also serves as a member of the company’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Website: www.renewablenow.biz

Email: parpin@arpin.com