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Juanita Ecker, Professional Image & Etiquette, March 25, 2014

Juanita Ecker shares how she lost her job at 40 years old and reinvented her career. She became a professional image and etiquette expert with the hope of helping people feel better about themselves. She discusses, interesting enough, how George Washington established 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation but it was Emily Post who was the major pioneer in the etiquette industry. Juanita educates us on  the importance of a first impression and gives us practical image and etiquette tips for dressing and grooming. She then gives us some do’s and don’ts regarding email and social media. Juanita shares some great cocktail reception and dining etiquette tips followed by tipping guidelines for various services.


It takes 5 seconds to make an impression.
It takes 21 days to start a pattern.
It takes 100 days to create an automatic behavior.
It takes 30 days for a message to be forgotten.
It takes just 24 hours for 66% of a message to be forgotten.
It takes 8 days of constant reminding to retain 90% of a message
for 30 days.
Use the tips in this book to project power, poise and presence.

Juanita Ecker

Book: Image Management: Image & Etiquette Tips for the Business Professional

Juanita Ecker

Juanita Ecker is a recognized expert in the field of professional image and business etiquette. She is an inspirational and motivational trainer. Her participants find her programs fun, informative and impactful. She has been a speaker at meetings and training conferences throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. She gave a seminar in China on how to do business with Americans. Her column, “Image Matters” was a regular feature in the Business Review.  She has published articles in local and national publications, she has been featured on radio and television interviews, and is the author of the book, Image Management: Image & Etiquette Tips for the Business Professional. 

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Blog: http://www.professionalimagemgt.com/

Website: http://etiquettetipsandquips.com/

Nerium International: The “Hottest” Anti-Aging Product on the Market: http://www.jecker.nerium.com/