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Robert Harrison, Candida Overgrowth-The Silent Epidemic, September 15, 2015

Cardinal Points would like welcome Robert Harrison, Natural Health Consultant to our show. Robert first shares how he got involved in the supplement industry some 20 years ago. He had a relative who was suffering from an autoimmune disease so began to research various remedies that could help. From there Robert established his own website to inform those who struggled with autoimmune diseases and candida overgrowth about supplements and other health practices that would support their wellness. Robert informs us that for the treatment of candida overgrowth probiotics alone are not enough to eliminate it. “If you want to deal with candida you also have to be dealing with the spores that it puts out.” Candida is very elusive and tough to get rid of. Robert states the  increase in antibiotic use in our country has contributed to candida overgrowth. “Antibiotics will be knocking out your friendly bacteria that you have in your intestinal flora” this makes space for candida, a yeast, to flourish. It eventually morphs into a fungal form creating openings in the colon’s wall, known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, and allowing it access to the blood stream. From there the candida can move throughout our bodies and colonize where the environment supports it. “Once you have candida overgrowth it just doesn’t go away.” Pregnant mother’s can also pass candida overgrowth on to their babies. A major part of our health has to do with the health of our colon. In fact Robert has learned from one than one source that 75% of the immune response happens in the colon. Some of the symptoms of candida overgrowth may include: chronic vaginal yeast infections or jock itch, acid reflux, brain fog, fatigue, ear and/or sinus infections, leaky gut, allergies, asthma, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, autism, toe nail funguses, skin rashes, low hormones, low sex drive, low adrenal and/or thyroid function, bloating, oral thrush, and chemical sensitivities.  Our cultures increase of sugar in our diets has also contributed to the increase of candida overgrowth. “Sugar feeds the candida.” Robert informs us of a simple test to indicate if you have candida overgrowth, the spit test. Spit into a glass of water first thing in the morning. Observe the saliva and if it begins to break apart into particles that appear or as flecks or tentacles that sink this is an indication of candida overgrowth. Candida overgrowth produces toxins that create a acidic environment in the body. When the body is acidic it produces the opportunity for a whole host of diseases like cancer and may also cause DNA mutations. Treatment for candida overgrowth has to “knock it out in some way.” Robert has developed a tincture, CandElim,  that includes an energetic or vibrational component along with essential oils and herbs. When destroying the candida it is important to minimize the “die off’ or herxheimer reaction so too many toxins don’t flood the body creating negative effects. As far as a diet that will not feed the candida Robert recommends staying away from refined carbohydrates (white flour, bread and sugars). “Candida actually creates a sugar craving.” Supporting the good intestinal flora with an effective probiotic is also essential when treating candida overgrowth. Robert then discusses how he energetically infuses his tinctures and other products. The metaphysical or mind body connection to healing and wellness can’t be overlooked when it come to treating any illness or disease. Practices such as; Yoga, meditation, prayer, positive intentions and affirmations, and guided imagery are all important components to health and healing.

Cardinal Point: To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison is a Natural Health Consultant who holds a Masters in Education from the University of New Mexico. In the early 90’s, he started marketing whole food blue green algae products after learning about autoimmune diseases and products to use for them. Over the next 20 years he continued to research and learn about the causes of other health issues, such as cancer, diabetes, candida, autism, osteoporosis and more. He came across exceptional products that helped to correct them. He expanded his own company’s product line to include those products and began creating additional websites to address these issues. Robert’s main area of expertise is the ability to compile information on ill health conditions and explain them in simple terms, the underlying causes of those conditions and what you can do about them. Conditions like Candida.  He feels that his purpose is to inform people about the healthy alternative treatments that are available to them. He began work on the Get Healthy Again.com website in 2000 and started selling products online a year later.

Website: http://www.candidayeastinfection.com