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Roy Bingham, The Bowel is King, February 3, 2015

Cardinal Points would like to welcome Roy Bingham, business consultant, entrepreneur and health & wellness advocate, to our show. Roy shares why he made a shift from traditional finance business to business oriented around healthier living. He decided that he wanted to choose a niche and noticed that people were dissatisfied with mainstream health care, conventional grocery and nutrition. The trend was now people buying products in health food stores. “There’s an alternative way of thinking about the food supply, about our health and about therapies for our health.” Roy was influenced by the healthcare system in the UK where “alternative” was more widely accepted. His wife Amanda’s family is also more holistic health oriented which had an impact on him. Roy’s first business as a entrepreneur in the “healthy nutrition space” was developing a good quality fish oil product. He chose fish oil because of it’s benefits for cardiovascular health. Roy’s family has a history of heart disease.  Roy found that 70% of most fish oil products contained fats that are not so good for us. He developed a fish oil capsule that was 93% DHA and EPA and contained no saturated fats. We learned that most fish oil comes from mackerel, sardines and anchovies. The molecular distillation process removes the toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals from the fish oil capsules he produced. According to Roy there are now very stringent standards established in the US regarding the quality of fish oil that is available to consumers. The Mayo Clinic gives fish oil a grade of A for the following: the prevention of coronary heart disease, reducing high blood pressure, lowering triglycerides, reducing the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, and reducing secondary cardiovascular disease.

Roy then shares about his health crisis when he was diagnosed with C-Difficile which occurred after his appendectomy. C-Diff is a harmful bacteria that takes over the environment of the colon. C-Diff is resistant to most antibiotics and because of this it is a trial and error process to find the antibiotic that will kill the C-Diff. Last year in the US there were 99,500 cases of C-Diff documented. Approximately 7-15% of people diagnosed with C-Diff die of complications related to C-Diff. Ironically at the time Roy was struggling to rid himself of C-Diff he met Brenda Watson who was the founder of a digestive care company he was going to work for. When Roy informed her of his diagnosis it turned out she was very knowledgable about C-Diff. She recommended taking probiotics to support his digestive and immune system. Roy began taking high doses of probiotics and began to notice improvement. After 10 days of high doses of Probiotics his symptoms went away. “Some combination of the original antibiotics therapy, combined with the probiotic therapy, combined with my diet and my own immune system had overcome the C-Diff problem that I had.” Roy then educates us about our digestive systems and the importance of bacteria in our bodies. “We have 100 trillion living bacteria in our bodies.” “We’re like a tree, we’re really a host.” “From a DNA point of view we have more bacterial DNA in our body than we have human DNA in our body.” We have 3 to 4 pounds of bacteria that lives in our digestive system, “living, working and cooperating.” We need to establish a diversity of bacteria (micro biome) to maintain good health. Researchers have identified a 1,000 different species of bacteria in our bodies. Antibiotic use kills some of the good bacteria and upsets the balance of bacteria which can lead to illness. A good diet and supplementation with probiotics can restore, support and nurture a healthy, balanced digestive system. According to Roy researchers are  finding that improving the bacterial composition of your digestive system can assist in weight loss. Roy states that 70% of our immune system lies within our digestive system. “We have more information traveling from our gut to our brain than from our brain to our gut. It’s like a super highway.” He recommends that our healthy lifestyle regime is very individual because we are all unique. Roy suggests that exercise and stress management should be a part of ones health plan. A good diet is also imperative. “I’ve become convinced that a more plant based diet is beneficial for me but I can’t guarantee that’s the case for somebody else.”

Today’s Cardinal Point: The Bowel is King and if you take care of the King he will take care of his kingdom, our body~Dr. Bernard Jensen

Roy Bingham

Early Years

Roy grew up in the suburbs of London where everyone was expected to become a commuter and work in financial services. After college he tried that for nine years and swore he would never commute again!

He became known as a “whizz kid” in business before it was common for people in their twenties to have much influence and became a Board Member of a public company at the tender age of 29.
During that period he also co-founded a charity and supported others in their work in the third world

Coming to the USA
In 1993, Roy moved to the USA to attend Harvard Business School
While at HBS, he met Amanda – an artist and Boston native. They married the following year and until they started a family, they enjoyed adventurous travel and exercise challenges – running marathons and competing in triathlons. As a gifted athlete Amanda always finished first with Roy grinding hard behind.
They made Boston their home and Roy joined McKinsey – a large and powerful business consulting firm where he consulted to Fortune 500 companies

Fascination with business opportunities in better Healthcare and Food
In 1997 Roy co-founded Health Business Partners – a consulting firm with a focus on the changing landscape of healthcare and food in the USA. A particular focus was healthy nutrition and consumer healthcare products
During this period Oliver and Jasper were born (now 11 and 13)
Roy’s work led him to become very knowledgeable both about the business of dietary supplements but also the scientific support for nutritional therapy. In particular he became very interested in the science of fish oil and its benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease in particular – his family had a history of such issues. Eventually, in 2006 he joined a client in creating a business that focused on creating and marketing very high quality Omega-3 capsules directly to consumers through the internet

Personal Health Crisis and business interests converge
Then in 2008 Roy was approached to join ReNewLife – the US’ largest natural digestive care company and an extraordinary and scary “coincidence” led him to jump into the digestive care world with both feet………..
After a couple of weeks of grumbling about abdominal pain, one of Roy’s colleagues literally sent him to the Doctor. An hour later he was in the ER and his impacted appendix was removed. Recovery seemed good and the next day he was home and the day after that back at work. But on the 3rd day he knew something was very wrong and he was quickly diagnosed with “C-Difficile” – a nasty bacterial infection that had “taken over” after Roy had received intravenous antibiotics to which C-Diff was resistant. About 10% of people with C-Diff die and although infection rates are now declining it is still a major problem in the global healthcare system.
Roy was put on vancomycin – a powerful antibiotic and gradually the symptoms abated, but on the day he completed the course all the symptoms came back and he arrived for a meeting at ReNewLife having lost 15lbs in three weeks and looking and feeling fragile
Brenda Watson – president of ReNewLife turned out to be an expert on C-Diff (and many other ailments). She gave Roy their Ultimate Flora probiotic. Roy also harnessed the internet to study the latest science on C-Diff and when his Doctors then prescribed another antibiotic – flagyll that is known to have side effects and is often ineffective against C-diff, Roy declined and said he would try probiotic therapy and call them if he deteriorated
For a week there was little improvement so Roy progressively increased his probiotic doses, eventually taking a whole bottle of 30 capsules per day and he progressively improved and after 3 weeks tests showed he had no more C-Diff. (C-diff causes chronic diarrhea so its obvious if in gradual remission)
Although Roy’s immune system and the antibiotics and diet played a role, Roy considered the major factor in his recovery was probably the probiotics
Naturally he was then excited to accept ReNewLife’s offer and learn more about the power of not just probiotics but also fibers and enzymes. Over the next 6 years, while not a scientist or a Doctor, Roy has become a lay-expert in probiotics and the microbiome
While at ReNewLife, Roy created their eCommerce business and also ran their professional division providing the Advanced Naturals brand of digestive supplements to healthcare practitioners. He was also instrumental in developing the leading probiotic brand (Ultimate Flora) and in increasing the media profile of Brenda Watson – the leading digestive care expert

Now and the Future
Roy has now returned to business consulting with his new firm: BCA Business Consulting, which of course continues to work with companies that are helping their customers to improve their health and prevent chronic disease through better diet, nutritional therapy, access to information, diagnostics and lifestyle improvements
Roy still exercises but is not running marathons any more. He enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, cycling and golf and loves tinkering with “inventions” like go-karts, sleds and most recently a home made rope tow.

Website: http://www.roybingham.com

Website: www.cdiffsolutions.com