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Sam Foer, A Very Wise Young Man? December 22, 2014

Cardinal Points welcomes Sam Foer, a high school senior, gymnast and seeker of self knowledge to our show. Sam first discusses his choice to attend alternative schools his entire life. His parents enrolled him in the Compass School as a kindergartener. Sam describes alternative education as project based learning and eco friendly. “Learning a lot about our ecosystem, learned a lot about our planet, a lot about Mother Earth.” “I thrived there.” Sam believes there is different styles of education for every kid. As a current high school student at the Met School in Providence Sam is able “to create my whole curriculum based on my interests and my passions.” He is able to establish internships to explore his interests and passions. Sam edifies his parents for all the good things they did in raising him. “It’s unbelievable the love they’ve given me, the freedom that they’ve given me.” This is why he feels he is “ahead of my time.” “When you give kids the freedom to explore the world and to find out what they want to do and how they want to do it they become mature.” Sam’s interest in Yoga, meditation, and Hawaiian Shamanism was sparked by his parents involvement in these practices. When he was uptight and anxious Sam’s father would ask him to “look at your feelings, what are you feeling, don’t judge your feelings, why do you think you’re uptight?” When I began to meditate “I began to look at my thoughts from the inside.” Sam plans on traveling the world next year before he begins college. “This will help me to assess my life.” “You get a better sense of what the world really is when you travel.” One of Sam’s scheduled stops is Hawaiian to study with Serge Kahili King the author of The Urban Shaman. Another potential stop would be Ecuador to study a course offered by the University of Metaphysics on South American Shamanism. Sam then shares his life long involvement with gymnastics. He began when his parents enrolled him in a toddler class. He currently continues to train regularly,  This is his 7th year of competing. “It’s very very intense workouts.” Being a gymnast is a microcosm of the world. “You can make the most of your time as an individual but at the same time you need to get along with other people, your teammates.” “Everyone is your teammate in this world.” “Gymnastics has taught me self confidence and pushing myself to the limit.” Sam began exploring various meditation practices daily for the past year. “It’s not only the voice in my mind that I’m listening to but the voice in my heart.” It takes practice and calming the chatter of the mind to be able to hear the voice of the heart. Sam states that in our society we are so focused on what the mind has to say and if we listen to the mind we get a false sense of self. Sam then shares his experience with Yoga as a vehicle for self inquiry. “Yoga is a way of life.” He believes that releasing the tension in his body through Yoga helps him to release the tension in his mind. Sam has chosen to facilitate a self realization workshop for his Senior thesis project. “It’s basically an introduction to conscious awareness and meditation.” The theme of the workshop is; “What is your true self.” Through his own practice of Yoga and meditation Sam has learned that he is not who he thought he was. “I am not Sam Foer, in fact I am far greater than that.” “I am the universe and the universe is me.” Sam believes that if we all work towards self realization and becoming our “true self” that the lyrics of John Lennon’s song Imagine will ring true. Sam informs us that Quantum Physicists have discovered that everything is energy. “Down to the subatomic level everything is the exact same. This means we are all one. There is no separation.”

This week’s Cardinal Point: Embark on a epic journey of evolution and growth. This is the most noble journey a person can undertake. The journey of one’s Spirit.

Sam Foer

Sam Foer is a senior at The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center in Providence. He travels two hours a day to school and back. Sam chose to go to The MET for it’s alternative curriculum and structure, which has allowed him to explore and pursue different interests through internships two days per week. Sam was just accepted to Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, continuing his life of alternative education in the college setting. He plans to study psychology and neuropsychology. Before college starts, he plans to take a gap year next year to travel, work, and continue learning about his different passions.

Sam is a competitive gymnast and has been state champion four times and regional silver medalist twice. He is currently a level 10 gymnast, the highest level in his age group and practices three to four days per week for 3.5 hours each. For the past year, Sam has found deep interest and passion for spirituality, alternative healing, metaphysics and the science of our reality. He explores astronomy, metaphysics, quantum physics, philosophy, yoga and shamanism. Sam has formed his own practices of yoga and meditation, which he uses each day. He wishes to inform and teach the world about the importance of conscious awareness, which he believes, is our species’ next evolutionary breakthrough.