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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s Rhode Island Energy & Environmental Leadership Day, September 23, 2014

This special edition of Cardinal Points comes to you from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s 5th Annual Rhode Island Energy and Environmental Leaders Day. It is important to note that sustainability starts with us. As Valerie Tutson my co-host states, “you take care of your body, you take care of the earth.” Valerie shares how arts and culture tells the story of  civilizations, our planet and earth. “Artists capture moments in time.” Our first guest artist and acupuncturist Sanford Lee expounds on the notion that our body is a microcosm of the universal macrocosm. “What we do internally to our bodies is reflected in our environments.” As an acupuncturist Sanford is trying to remove the energetic and physiological blockages from his patients and improve circulation so they can achieve optimal health. According to Sanford there are three different causes of these blockages, 1) physical trauma, 2) emotional strain, 3) build up of chemicals and toxins. Our next special guest happened to be the host of this event, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Senator envisions Rhode Island as a problem solving state. A state that people think of as being both extremely beautiful but also extremely interesting and diverse. Senator Whitehouse would like to see Rhode Island reduce our consumption of  energy, become more energy efficient and invest in renewables. He also believes that we must have some urgency when it comes to protecting our oceans. “The oceans are the lungs of our globe.” He would consider Rhode Island one of the leaders in our country for what we are doing to protect our environment and create sustainability. Our next guest Purna Yoga Instructor Jude Monteserrato educates us about Yoga and meditation, “In Purna Yoga we look at the whole being.” One of the goals of the Purna Yoga mediation techniques is to create the feeling of love for oneself and this can also be translated to loving our planet. Jude reminds us all to remember to smile. Lastly Cardinal Points welcomes Bill Paradis sustainable farmer. Sustainable farming is done in such a way that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. Bill enlightens us about the concept of season extension. Using hoop houses to extend the growing season with minimal impact on the environment. We learn that more and more people are growing their own food. One of those ways is Urban agriculture. Bill states when farming it is important to use seeds that are not genetically modified.

Senator Whitehouse, Sanford Lee, Jude Monteserrato, Bill Paradis

On September 5th Senator Sheldon Whitehouse hosted the 5th annual Rhode Island Energy and Environmental Leaders Day in Providence. The event was attended by more than 200 Rhode Islanders, and displayed how businesses and individuals in the state are leading the effort to improve our environment and combat climate change. Topics included: reducing carbon emissions, positioning Rhode Island as a leader in the clean energy economy, protecting clean air and water and how we can move forward to become more sustainable. Viewpoints from local government leaders, business leaders, private sector, and holistic healing practitioners all working together to heal and protect our planet. Special guests included: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Artist and Acupuncturist Sanford Lee, Yoga Instructor Jude Monteserrato, founder of the South County Responsible Agriculture Project Bill Paradis and a special thanks to my co-host world renowned Professional Storyteller Valerie Tutson.