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Diana Nightingale, The First Lady of Transformation, September 29, 2014

Cardinal Points is privileged to welcome the First Lady of Transformation Diana Nightingale. Diana shares how before she met Earl Nightingale she was resistant to listening to his audio programs. When she did “I felt like I had a kindred spirit.” She ended up meeting Earl 11 years later. During that first meeting Earl jokingly asked Diana to marry him which did actually occur within 5 months. Diana felt like Earl recognized her as the one who would continue his work. She feels that Earl’s message remains popular today because “it is sound, it isn’t a gimmick.” “Earl lived what he talked about.” Some of the nuggets that Diana learned from Earl is in order to be successful you have to be flexible but you also need to find a center, a truth. A good attitude is also crucial. “He woke up in the morning with a joyful expectation that it was going to be a great day.” Our discussion then leads to Earl’s early years and his inspiration for the recording The Strangest Secret, we become what we think about. That secret is right in front of us all of the time. That recording became so popular without any advertising that Earl found it a challenge to keep up with the demand. It was then that he met Lloyd Conant who had a small mail order business and a partnership developed. They became the leaders of positive cassette programs in the world. Diana suggested to Earl that this information be available to all people not just successful business men. Diana wants to continue to share this message with the aging population. She would like to change the collective mindset about aging. “I want people to be enthusiastic about life forever.” She believes when we serve others it brings us an incredible amount of joy. Diana shares that one thing that will guarantee success is “staying with it.” Understanding that things that we want will not come to us instantaneously, “things take time.” Life is a journey. It is important to be spontaneous and spend time in reflection. An important tool for our success is using our imaginations and also “think about the things that you have achieved.” Earl believed it was important not to scatter your energy. Focus on what you want but also know what you want and be specific. Diana states that you will have an impact on people when you’re willing to share your humanness. “I feel like I’m cultivating the gifts I’ve been given. I feel very blessed.” Look for Diana’s radio program Holiday on Earth….Your Journey into Meaning which can be heard on Providence Rhode Island Station 1320 AM, and from the internet at www.theonesourcenetwork.com.

Diana Nightingale

While recognized as, The First Lady of Transformation, and has dedicated most of her adult life in the service of helping others, many still think of Diana, first, as the wife and widow of, Earl Nightingale a legendary giant in the personal achievement world. Make no mistake, Diana Nightingale does not stand in the shadow of her late husband, but shines brightly on her own. With her own personal, powerful message Diana has been speaking to audiences for more than 30-years, was an advocate for teen-pregnancy programs, and was a local board member of the Lee County Mental Health Association. Diana is an author, seminar/retreat leader, an international speaker addressing audiences across the USA and overseas. She offers grief counseling, life coaching, has a Doctorate Degree in Religious Studies and is a Stephen Minister. Diana, brings new life to the time-tested Nightingale messages and shows how to make them work in today’s ever-changing world. Even during the bleakest of times, she is quick to enforce the age-old truth that “we become what we think about”. In her latest book, “The Spiritual Flight of The Nightingale”, Diana tells how she finds inspiration from the world around her and from the lessons she has learned from life. In her book, “Learning To Fly As A Nightingale” Diana tells of her life before meeting Earl; Earl’s life before meeting Diana; Their time together and then how she found her wings and was able to fly again after Earl’s passing. The experiences, pain and joy she shares gives insight to what others experience in their lives. Diana’s passion for radio started as she engineered her husband’s radio shows and later as she became more and more in demand as a radio and TV guest, she longed to be on the other side of the microphone. During the radio days spent with Greg Norman of Universal 7 radio network, Diana once again realized the power of the spoken word and the importance of positive programming in a negative driven society. Now, Diana has found her radio home and is broadcasting her series called, “Holiday On Earth™…Journey Into Meaning™”. Diana is the mother of three adult children, Kim, Dayne and Jill, and is the proud grandmother (Mimi) to four adult grandchildren, Dan, Sabra, Jordan and Juliette.

Website: www.earlnightingale.com