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Simone Lukas-Jogl & Karen Reifinger, From Rolfing to Lomilomi , November 10, 2014,

Cardinal Points welcomes Simone Lukas-Jogl and Karen Reifinger to our show. Simone is a Rolfer and Karen a Lomilomi practitioner. Simone’s lifelong connection to dancing and the injuries she experienced as a result eventually led her to the healing bodywork of Rolfing. It was her boyfriend at the time, who is now her husband, that recommended Rolfing. Simone found after a Rolfing series that her body had “balance, that real quick speed when you  turn” available to her while dancing. She also credits the combination of Rolfing and Homeopathy for curing her asthma she had since the age of 5 years old. Simone then informs us about the founder of Rolfing, Ida Rolf. Her approach was well before it’s time. Ida addressed the connective tissue of the body, namely fascia. She also had a holistic approach to working with the body. Simone explains that Rolfing, sometimes referred to as Structural Integration, helps bring the body back into balance and proper alignment. “My goal as a Rolfer is to use my hands to work with the soft tissue of the body in such a way that you can stand up straight without making the extra effort.” Simone’s assessment of her clients begins with a conversation to gather information and then leads to observation of their body in standing and during various movements. “I look at how the body moves in a very detailed way.” She also gathers valuable information regarding her clients bodies while using her touch. Simone then describes fascia and it’s significance. “The fascia is really literally everywhere and it gives your body the shape, the form.” Simone states that when receiving a Rolfing session it should not hurt and “people of all ages can benefit.” Emotional patterns can get stuck in   in our body’s and be released through receiving Rolfing.

We not shift gears as Karen educates us about the ancient healing art of Hawaiian Lomilomi. It was her own powerful experience when receiving Lomilomi in 1998 that led her in the direction of learning this healing art. Reverence and intention are major aspects of Lomilomi. It has been referenced as “praying work.” “Looking at the body as sacred, as divine. The body is the temple.” Originally Lomilomi was used as a rite of passage to womanhood and manhood. Each family and Hawaiian Island had different styles of Lomilomi that they practiced. Lomilomi works with the kinetic energy of the body. “We look at the body as more than muscles and bones. We’re more than a physical body. We’re mind, body and soul.” Temple style Lomilomi is what Karen practices which includes the use of her forearms in long flowing motions like a ocean wave continually around the body. “It becomes a dance, a constant movement around the body.” This movement allows the recipient to sink into a meditative state. Lomilomi is an experience. The goal being to bring the person into balance. Karen explains that as a Lomi practitioner it is important that she takes care of her own body through good nutrition, movement and exercise. Prayer and meditation are also essential.

Simone Lukas-Jogl & Karen Reifinger


Simone Lukas-Jogl

A Rolfer since 1998, Simone Lukas-Jogl provides Rolfing Structural Integration, movement education, visceral manipulation and alternative physical therapy for chronic pain relief. Simone was born in Austria. She got involved in dance at 3 1/2  years old. She attended the Rolf Institute and became a certified Rolfer in 1998. Simone first opened a practice in Austria and then moved to New York city with her husband. In 2004 she had a baby daughter named Anneken and a half a year later her and her husband moved to Providence where her husband got a position at Brown University. Three years later, her second daughter Skye was born. At this point, Simone is homeschooling them both, and pursuing her Rolfing practice mostly during weekends and evenings.

Website: http://www.rolfing-providence.com


Karen Reifinger
Karen is a practitioner and educator in the field of Hawaiian healing, spiritual and personal development. After personally experiencing the transformational effects of Lomilomi (Hawaiian bodywork) around 1998, she pursued the sacred healing practices of Hawaii to understand the profound nature of healing and ways to share the essence of true healing with others.

As founder and director of Hunamua Wellness in eastern Pennsylvania, Karen offers individual sessions, consultations and workshops to restore integrity and harmony to mind, body, soul and spirit. She holds training programs and retreats in the United States.

website: http://www.hunamua.com