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Sandi Gold, The Art of Living, November 25, 2014

Cardinal Points would like to welcome Sandi Gold, Artist, Author and Expressive Arts Specialist, to our show. Sandi starts out the show by sharing about her experience on December 4, 1986 when she was informed she had a fast growing inoperable brain tumor. She was told over the phone at her doctor’s receptionist desk which was only separated from the waiting area by a sliding glass. “I was feeling a little exposed because I was standing at the time behind glass.” The tumor was benign but because it was fast growing and located in the Pons region of her brain it was life threatening. “Five doctors told me I was going to die within 6 months to a year.” Fortunately Sandi learned about a unique treatment located at Mass General Hospital called Cyclotron Proton therapy and she was willing to give a try. This method created scar tissue around the tumor thus cutting off it’s food supply and destroying it. It was a success for Sandi but not without some side effects. She sustained some radiation damage causing loss of balance, double vision, some cramping in her left hand and excruciating migraine headaches. Sandi utilized the expertise of Dr. Lori Leyden for holistic stress management counseling. “She gave me many many tools as well as reflected back at me what she saw in me in ways that I just had never seen before.” Dr. Lillian Posten who performs the Touch for Health technique was also a great support for Sandi during her health crisis. Sandi explains how during the year after her diagnosis her art reflected her inner challenges around her possible demise. Seven years later and after medical tests indicated that she no longer had a brain tumor Sandi decided to paint a mural named, “The Temple of the Soul.”  According to Sandi the intention of this mural was to portray the need “to appreciate the life we have”. She chose to symbolize the impermanence of life by erasing the mural at a specified date in time. Over 10,000 people came to view this mural. Sandi is currently working with a Hospice organization to improve the quality of patients lives through the arts. “It’s just sharing love.” We both agree that it is important that we take care of ourselves first in order to have more to give to others. One of the ways Sandi chooses to nourish herself is by being outdoors in nature. “It’s a way of feeding my soul.” She also has been taking turmeric mixed with almond or coconut milk in a concoction called Golden Milk. According to some tumeric has shown promise in treating cancer and is a anti inflammatory. In 2009 Sandi was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to have two lumpectomies. Two years later her cancer had spread and it was recommended that she have a mastectomy which she declined. Sandi instead chose to follow Bill Henderson’s protocol from the book Cancer Free and became a vegan. She reminds us that when choosing complimentary modalities that support your health, what’s important is the intention of the practitioner. Some practitioners and methods may be a good fit for one person but not necessarily another. The answers are within ourselves about what’s right for us. As one of Sandi’s friends once said, “Sandi you know the answers.” Some of the complimentary practices that Sandi utilizes are: massage, The Feldenkrais Method, and non conventional Physical Therapy. Her Physical Therapist “works with her bodies intelligence.” The diversity of Sandi’s friends and families reactions to her illness was as she put it a “study of human nature.” Some supportive and loving, while others “ran from her life.” When it comes to the mind body connection the one thing that Sandi works on improving is her “stinking thinking.” Thoughts do matter when it comes to our health.

If you want to support Sandi’s soon to be released book, The Art of Living please visit: www.gofundme.com/sandigold

Sandi Gold

Sandi Gold is a classically trained artist who has a degree in fine Arts from Boston University. She is also an Expressive Arts Specialist and the Author of the soon to be released book, “The Art of Living.” On December 4, 1986 Sandi was told she had and inoperable brain tumor and that she had six months to a year to live. She was then diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

Website: www.sandigold.com